utorak, 9. listopada 2012.


'' Do not hardly miss me? How we used to talk all day, and look now .. I do not even know honestly say hello when you proudly sell one end to the other, as if nothing had ever happened. A pain, I do not know how much. Do not think I forgot about you as you are to me. No, and I will not, I do not intend to. Shamelessly you came into my heart, a little fool and immediately left him, alone in the rain. Are not you a damn? Pride, yes .. for the most part of your personality. It's not good ... We could have had it all, and we chose nothing. And where are we now? You are going his way, and I have mine. It's sad that our time that was once one, it's sad to be so easily separated into two unhappy and different times, two proud man. And I'll be, where we left off, fuck pride. All would give you a look and you just want everything to be like before .. Oh yes, anything to give, but that's just wishful thinking one girl in love. Cursed be the day you first told me that you love me. You stopped because you knew what I knew you'd wait for not heeding your nonsense that was dearest to my heart. And you know what's at the end of the worst? That way I'd without pardon again went through all the pain that you've managed to spell me, without pardon, because at the end of the day everything comes down to yours, my favorite name ..''

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