četvrtak, 31. svibnja 2012.

These are not lyrics, this is you speak from the soul, that we care about you, do not go over my tears, baby..

I hear you wandering alone through the city,
you with bottles in hand and drunk,
you're alone and hope to guard,
but I have to wonder. 

Hey, baby, just two weeks, and finally we will see. After 5 months!  16.06.2012. Hmm. Eternally etched in the heart of date. Already now, I plan what we will work that day. Of course, I want to that day be special!  

Caaaaaaan't wait ! 

srijeda, 30. svibnja 2012.

I'm gonna love you again. (16.06.2012.)

After so many spilled tears for him, again, I will "risk". Again I will embark on "his love". No one will prevent me more to be with him. NOBODY! I do not inhibit anyone, well, not even me, nobody.

''And then, at that point, you realize that everything happens once in your life. No matter how trying, never you will not have the same feeling. You will never again have the feeling like you're ten feet above the sky.♥'

Who says I will not have it? I will have them too, as long as I was with him. His every call, every message, every one of his kiss me, ten feet of water above the sky. Sometimes I imagine that would be when I no longer had a chance to correct all my mistakes that I made (to him), what would be with me? All the worst. Because, he is my life, my babe, my reason for life, with one word - everything. He's my everything. I can't imagine my life anymore, without him. He make my day special with every his message, with heart... He do all for me. I will be thank him forever. "He teach me, how to love"

I will love him forever, i promise.


subota, 26. svibnja 2012.


 But really, cyberbullying isn't cool as well as bullying IN ANY FORM. Would you want someone to say these things to you? Most likely not. And for all you lames out there who think, "I wouldn't care if someone said it to me so they shouldn't either." Cut it out. You know that what you are going to say/do is meant to hurt someone. And if that is the case, you are very immature and need to grow up.

Now that, I would say to someone. I hate bullying. If I see someone in the hallway getting bullied (which isn't like it is in movies, getting shoved in lockers and what not,) I might twalk up and tell you to knock it off. It isn't right at all. What makes you so much better than someone and gives you the right to make fun, call names, and push someone around for your amusement? Nothing 
Nothing. At. All.

I am asking is that you please, don't bully. It's not right and you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. But eyt, they ignor that and do it anyway. I am challanging ANYONE who reads this, to stand up for someone who is being bullied, or tell someone that what they have been doing lately just isn't right. Try to make a difference. I know I will. I hope you will too. 

nedjelja, 6. svibnja 2012.

"I'm not ashamed, to admit that I love you."

Be with someone in a relationship. From fuck everyone else. Hurt others. All you leave. That with whom 

you were after a while and left. You realize that you're actually wrong. Trying to correct some errors, but 

not easy. Try to restore people who are left at the start, but too late. So first consider whether to leave 

everything for him. Consider whether it really worth it.  

I love him more than anyone, anything. I will do anything for him, in return I ask only one thing - that he 

loves me. I give everything for him, hand in the fire, and everything, I ask in return - that he loves me. 

Will he ever notice me?  :(