srijeda, 30. svibnja 2012.

I'm gonna love you again. (16.06.2012.)

After so many spilled tears for him, again, I will "risk". Again I will embark on "his love". No one will prevent me more to be with him. NOBODY! I do not inhibit anyone, well, not even me, nobody.

''And then, at that point, you realize that everything happens once in your life. No matter how trying, never you will not have the same feeling. You will never again have the feeling like you're ten feet above the sky.♥'

Who says I will not have it? I will have them too, as long as I was with him. His every call, every message, every one of his kiss me, ten feet of water above the sky. Sometimes I imagine that would be when I no longer had a chance to correct all my mistakes that I made (to him), what would be with me? All the worst. Because, he is my life, my babe, my reason for life, with one word - everything. He's my everything. I can't imagine my life anymore, without him. He make my day special with every his message, with heart... He do all for me. I will be thank him forever. "He teach me, how to love"

I will love him forever, i promise.


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