utorak, 16. listopada 2012.

just past, the old page of life.

'' That's it, and you have gone, but certainly want to get some, but by no means think that you're explaining, explaining that he had to be such that it does not belong to you, and that all begins .. You're seeing and thinking, 'She loves long, I love you more', you know I would give anything for him and would appreciate it more than she could give everything to you in its place, but it did not, the smell is the fact that it belongs to her , not you and you're selfish, very selfish and stingy, do not want it, you want to lie to your and others when they ask you about it, you say you're happy for them, but in the depths of my soul want to say that you're happy you've got someone so , the best guys.. I think, the best.. Best for you, because still the best for us is what we choose ourselves. Others might not see anything in it, or maybe she does not see it, but you see my whole world and everything revolves around staih habits.. I said, you have, so you do not have. You get that all the love, all the best you got, you got what you need, you got it all heart and FIND it, others do not see, but you see it and it is vital, it's what you feel and what he feels and then.. Your heart beats stronger because it is not the same, my heart hurts, and just because someone selfishly depart from you, steals a part of you and you do not return it to you, ever, and it will forever belong to him. Right, really selfish? Take away everything with you, and even that part and do not return it, ever .. That's why you'll never be the same, youll miss that part. And maybe you pass, maybe not, but you'll probably a year or two even sit and see the man slicbog it, you might cut the same voice or recognize a similar his eyes, maybe even you and a bunch of people felt the smell, oh yes, there's the key. . It can take years, but they will not bring oblivion, because all it is not forgotten, it's time we just help us forget for a while. Hear me, remember? Oh, who am I lying? Do not forget, we remember forever, alo time simply helping us, I do not know how, but it helps, or so I heard, and I began vnerovati it and now you believe me when I say that it helps, but believe me when I tell you that you do not do anyone help you cope with that moment when you see it, when you all return.. Do not give up, your head up, breathe and go, keep those tears, send them to hell over, holding the baby! Get a grip honey. Drop your feelings aside, sit and ask yourself, does it make sense to continue to dream and hope that he is? This story has no happy end. He's a good actor, but you're not born to be his way station, where it will rest, and move on, without looking like you are looking for him. Loving, keep your head up and look at the sky. God sends you a sign. Give up on it until you fell even deeper. You'll forget him. You will, honey! Trust me.''

"With you I've always had the best, now I have left the worst, I'm used to and I find it difficult to fall asleep I have no peace with you, with you I dreamed you were flown beautiful late I realized the time I came back to fix it all I love and cherish like none before .. I still love you. comes back again to "

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