utorak, 2. listopada 2012.

All in vain, you're the same like before,..

You know that when she cried in pain and have no tears. You know when you say that you're a whore, and actually do not even know what is the meaning of the word. What if you insult, but you're holding and not let me break down and, when you do not know the truth yet condemn. What if they do not understand. You know when you're fed up and just want to move. Going to a different and better world. You know when everyone blamed for something that is not true, and you just do not have the strength to confront nerves sometimes because people do not want to listen. You know what happens when you lose all the people who used to be around you, but it was only because they needed something. So much respect and how many have benefited from you. You know what happens when you're hiding behind a false smile that people would think you were her and to think that you have the courage. It is only when you want to be second to understand, to listen to what they want to say. When you want to realize that your life is not as perfect as it seems and you're not no princess in the clouds but an ordinary person like everyone else. You know what happens when everyone thinks you're ubrijana without trying to talk to you uopstee. You know what happens when you leave the favorite because of the lies of some irrelevant person? What you think that God is considered an ordinary speck of dust that never will not mean anything. What you think you're not good enough and that everyone can take advantage of. Because it does not hurt that the story circulating, but that you know you are talking about people that you consider friends. I realize one truth: My life is not perfect, not a fairy tale, and do not judge people you do not know the truth because you are not aware of how many tears they shed for you, your arrogance and malice.  Because  of  YOU I do not know what love is, what are friends, you are lucky because we hide the real feel of it and into his head lies, and I live by your dirty rules. If ever any of you to be perfect is my judge. But all of you are, and is, the common people of flesh and blood and do not deserve to judge and play God!  ;-) 

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