nedjelja, 30. prosinca 2012.

because of you.

Anything I tried to do that I'd forgotten, at least for the moment. I remember the summer every day, I think back to our every moment. ''From the first sight, from the first touch, everything changed." You know, I miss you. I miss you more than anyone in this world. I'd give anything to be like before, to be happy. I tried everything to get you back, but sometimes even that 'all' is not enough. What can I say, what to do, to be like before? I cry every day because of you, I cut it, I even started smoking because it reminds me of you. You're the reason I live, breathe. Every time I think of someone else, and I started to like him..I think of you, and I can't love someone else, then I stop.

You were a gift from God, you could always make me lift up to heaven and bring it down to the bottom. A mark on the skin that I loved a young, his lips of ice on me the embers. Everything was like a dream, he is beautiful, and I young. And the dream is not alive. Everything reminds me of us, his eyes, and he lives in me. Wake me up from a dream, just give me a lie, that he revive me, kiss me in the end, as then, I have to survive.

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