srijeda, 15. kolovoza 2012.


Andrej Jurina ♥.
Dating is difficult, I do not believe that with so few people informed. Crying. Looking into the depths of his eyes, and wonder, "What is thinking?". Night in darkness see the light in his eyes, namely, that glow. Never before in my life have I seen such a bewitching splendor. It was so unreal and yet so real. As beautiful dream from which I do not want to wake up. Never, not even then. I loved him, I can not say. And he loved me more than himself. He wanted me to have for itself. I'm not saying that I did not, but again, that bothered me. I wanted to have someone who will love me this way I am. Before anyone will be his. Laugh like a madman. I will never forget the long walk at night, and his eyes full of love and kisses .. I will forever remember that night. That night when I first understood the meaning of love. "Love is just a word, until it reaches the person who will give you meaning." Yes, exactly so. You will not believe it, but I was wrong. I was wrong as I left that person, I could have. What was mine. Most of my pain that I could appreciate what I needed. And that awful feeling. Awful to feel like that. Knowing that you love, and know also that they no longer want to have anything with you. The worst thing a man can know. Suffer one, two simultaneous pain. Walk to your place, and remember everything that happened to you. How the world would be easy when you do not make any mistakes. When the time may come back. It would be beautiful, right? Hh, when you look, a bug uočiš only then when you realize, you see how that person feels. But enough of everything. I just want to say that I meant and mean to me. Not as far as I him, but I mean. That will always stay in that part of the heart, in which he entered, and will not leave. It is impossible to escape.
I am grateful to God that there ♥.!

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