ponedjeljak, 4. lipnja 2012.

Believe me, it will be ok again.

My love, believe me it will be better. Now these are the moments you have to overcome them. I know it is hard and all that, but you are strong. I know it. It's hard when a loved one and leave, but such is life. It brings a lot of nice, and unfortunately the bad moments, days. If no one with you, believe me, on me you can always count on, I will always be somewhere nearby to help you. ALWAYS.This post I dedicate to you. Because, I'm talking about you, specifically, about your feelings, but it came to the same, right? Ah, I would like to be beside you to help you, to give you even greater support, but unfortunately it is currently impossible. But soon it will be possible. I will give all necessary support to at least those days that we spent together, be happy. Do you promise me, you will be happy?   

Remember, I am always there for you and always will be!

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