četvrtak, 29. ožujka 2012.

Waiting for you to pour your heart and soul through me. So I can help, and be your bestfriend.

Everybody has something that means the world to them, or something that they don't want anybody else to see. Something they think they humiliate themselves in, something they think that if someone else saw it they'd see them as a different person. Someone they never knew, someone they never will know.

For some people it can be the smallest, simplest, everyday object, that people pass by all the time without a second glance, or even a thought. My bestfriend had one of these, but I didn't see the importance of it until now. It was a small book. I figured it was her diary, why else would she not want me to see what wonders lay within the cover. Every time I went to her house and was in her room it was merely a step away but I had never noticed it before, given it a glimpse of interest.

I took the book, and ran, ran away from the room, with every intention of reading it. I'd figured it was her diary, and I already knew almost every detail of her events this far in life. I didn't think she had anything to hide, and if she did I was about to read them.

It wasn't a diary when I finally got the chance to open it, after taking to her begging and to her bargaining, letting her watch me as I skimmed through the pages. I'm not going to say what was in the pages - for her - but I had no idea why she didn't want anyone to see. To me they had absolutely no meaning, she was humiliated by what was in it, thinking my image of her was shattered. She was wrong, if anything she seems better to me, to feel so humiliated about something so simple, something I, in all honestly, would not even have cared the slightest about. Once she saw my reaction, I think she realised that anything she shows, or tells me will stay with me, and not be told aloud to anyone willing to listen. I'd move mountains for her, if i had that superpower, but I don't and I want you to know, that even the smallest thing that is important to you, even if I don't think it has any bit of significance, I will be there for you.

Waiting for you to pour your heart and soul through me. So I can help, and be your bestfriend. ;)

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